Upcoming Shows
The next art event is Art’s Alive! Invitational and Open Shows, scheduled for Nov. 5, 6, 7, and 8, 2021 at Maple Hall in La Conner.  The La Conner Arts Foundation will present the show, with funding and support from the Town of La Conner and a grant from Skagit County..

The La Conner Arts Foundation will support and fund education grants, in the form of scholarships, to post-secondary school students who are pursuing a college degree through an accredited university, state college, or vocational training with a focus in fine arts, but not limited to.

Public Art
The Foundation will support and contribute available funds to the acquisition and placement of public art works.


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What a great boon this will be. Thank you to all who have worked to get this foundation set up and under way.
-- Nancy Hanson, 9/16/20

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